Gunsmithing as an occupation is probably unique.

It's existance stretches right back in time to the earliest hand canons of the fourteenth century.

Yet the sporting guns we use today embody the same basic principles as those primitive hand canons that first coughed their smokey challenge on some medieval battlefield, and the skills of the gunsmith remain the same.  Although now very much a blend of ancient and modern, gunsmithing is still steeped in the practices and techniques of the past, real living history.

As always the proof is in guns that shoot.

It's no accident. It comes from hard work, experience and a desire to achieve unparalleled perfection.

From simple cleaning and adjusting to full-scale engraving and customising, you will receive the exacting attention that has become synonomous with our service.


Over the years I have found a niche area in precision, general and specialised engineering and am capable of handling the most intricate job. Over the years I have produced components and tooling for the food, manufacturing, packaging, printing, mining, power generation, scientific and farming industries.

My workshop houses comprehensive tooling, equipment and machinery. For my customers this means not only improved capability but the knowledge that all jobs are completed in the most effective way possible. My investment in technology means that I have capacity for both small complex fabrication, precision machining and heat treatment. I can create prototypes, source materials and manage suppliers, advise on best manufacturing practice, provide machining, fabrication, finishing, assembly and dispatch services.

I have expertise across a wide range of materials. This includes: stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, magnesium, other alloys, plastics & ceramics. I also have knowledge of specialist materials gained from working with R&D departments and Universities at the cutting - edge of technology development. I specialise in repair work and have the reputation of being able to repair the unrepairable. I work with our clients to find the best and most cost effective solution to their problems.


From childhood I have had a passion for railways and trains. I am currently building an HO layout with DCC control. 

Due to my experience in fiddly and precision engineering, I can offer my services to model rail builders for the manufacture of parts and or repairs to anything you need.

I also have an electrical backgroud wich is a necessity in this field.

I'm more than happy to discuss whatever needs you may have.